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How to start Intel Power Gadget in Batch Script?


I'm looking to build a router (and being able to have a couple of lightweight VMs would be useful to), and came across a number of x86router boxes from Ali Express for around US$250 each.

Both CPU's claim a 10 watt TDP, but while the J4125 uses a 14nm process, the N5105 uses a 10nm process. Of-course the N5105 is significantly faster. The kicker though is this video where "Patrick from STH" claims that the power consumption is significantly higher on the N5105 board (4.5 watt idle (10w under load) for J4125 vs 10-12 watt idle up to 24 watts for the N5105). There is another review of the J4125 by the same person here.

What are the likely explanations for the substantial difference in power consumption?

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