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I7-11700K temperature


  Hello to all. I just bought MSI Trident X with - i7-11700K, 3080Ti, 32GB memory, 1TB SSD...

  When I am writing this post my CPU is at 52-55C, when I start game like Cyberpunk 2077, everything start to be a bit crazy. Temp go right away for 85-88 degrees Celsius. I am adding few pictures, all that is without playing game just turn it on.

  DOOM Eternal - all I get is 60fps doesn't matter what graphic settings are on it - low, high or ultra... BUT what I am worried about is that temp line - full red all the time. 

For now I had one time blue, flashing screen.

I updated Nvidia and Windows 10, still temps are the same. Someone from MSI told me that this is still in CPU limits, yet that is just not what I want from such a expensive desktop. 

If any one had or still got same problems or any advice pls reply?! 

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What kind of cooling solution are you using for the processor? This cooling solution may be improperly attached to the processor or the (usually BIOS-based) fan speed control solution is not configured properly to drive the fans (and pumps if liquid cooling) to the right duty cycles.

Hope this helps,


Hello Scott.
This is MSI pre-build PC, so they did it all. Cooling are normal fans and this is a small case. I know that will give me a few degrees up but not like that crazy...
I managed to change fps on DOOM from 60 to 190+ in 2k with a simple option in settings (found it on YT as many players had the same problem in games); but temp problem is a pure nightmare. The CPU takes way too much energy just for that whatever the game settings are. 
I opened Task Manager to see if I can see any good info and power usage is low, very low. Game on and only that show Very High power usage
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SFF systems do have a harder time with cooling; they often cannot have (don't have room for) the mass necessary to extract the heat efficiently from the processor when it is stressed. The Intel NUCs are a good example of the extreme case that UCFF designs can represent, where space is so tight that blowers - which are very inefficient - have to be used.

Here is how I think about it: If you are seeing temperatures mostly in the 80's (Celsius), with only short-duration spikes up into the 90's, then this is perfectly fine. If, however, the temperature is spending large amounts of its time in the 90's - or worse is actually reaching Tjmax (~100C) and throttling - then there is something wrong. Now, wrong could be something simple, like the need for a configuration change in the BIOS, or it could be something serious, as I described in my previous response.

If you are seeing a problem, it is something that MSI, as designer of the system, will have to look into. Sorry to send you back, but this is how it goes.



Thank You again for your time and answer. More info I get then better. For now maxed temp been 88C. Most of time holding 82C when gaming. It's sucks but is nothing what I can do an less spend more money and buy different CPU. I am thinking of that option. MSI will not do anything an less something really gonna happen with that temp. Now I am worried about this PC and bill for power used for it, hahaha. 

Have a nice day Scott, Thanks AGAIN!