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Intel i7 4790k Processor Overheating


MSI Z97 PC Mate Motherboard


Intel i7 4790k Processor (Stock cooler)

AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Graphics Card



I have a concern that my processor may not be cooling properly. I'm new to this community and PC building so just ask if you need more information.


When first purchased, the core temp idling ran 30 C


When idle, the core temp currently runs about 55 C.

When I first bought it, that temp was 30-40 C.

When gaming, it runs 70-80 C.


I did a stress test using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and it was hitting 100 C and 35% thermal throttling.

I suspected it was the thermal paste, so I replaced the thermal paste in the heatsink which got the stress test results down to 90 C so it wasn't throttling.

I have never overclocked it.

Bios is fully updated


*The room I use it in is particularly hot



I have concern that it being that hot all the time will lower lifespan or eventually it will fail. Am I being paranoid or is there really something to worry about?


Update: I will be seeking out a technician and live help from Intel tomorrow.


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I had the same problem and i solved that changing the original cooler for a Corsair model.

Pay attention about your chassis air flow.

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Thanks for sharing! I'm sure I could buy a fancy cooler and have the temperatures lower, but it should just work out of the box. I'm looking to find the root of the problem. My airflow is great though, so that cannot be the issue.

I did observe something odd when I removed the cmos battery and replaced it, then rebooted.

On the XTU stress test, the frequency quickly changed and the voltage changed to perform it.

However, when I tried to run a game, the frequency and the voltage refused to change, so my game was slow until I manually changed the frequency.


With OC Genie on, the frequency doesn't change from whatever I manually set it to be. With OC Genie off, the frequency can't get high enough to do any real processing. 

I'll have it taken to a shop soon to check everything and diagnose the core issue.

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