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My build for my current computer rig features an Intel DX79TO primary circuit board with a third generation intel core i7 3960X central processing unit.

The motherboard cpu socket mount is a Land Grid Array (LGA) with 2011 pins (ie. LGA 2011)

I was thinking that it is maybe possible to configure the Basic Input Output System to recognize and utilize a 4th generation intel core i7 Haswell-E 5960X or intel core i7 Broadwell-E 6950X cpu.

The 5960X and 6950X both utilize a different electrical signal and seem to have a prerequisite of the third revision of the LGA 2011 socket type motherboard (ie. LGA 2011v3)

With a possible custom BIOS update or by adjusting the the voltage to the specific cpu requirements in the BIOS it sort of seems like that this could be possible to utilize one of the two specified i7 CPU’s with the DX79TO circuit board.

Any theoretical or hypothetical feedback provided will be much appreciated.

Also, if that the above process does create a type of compatibility between the motherboard and 4th or 6th gen i7 processors would the timings on the dynamic data rate 3 random access memory modules need to be modified, etcetera?

Thanks for taking the time to review this message. Have yourself a most excellent day

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Intel exited the Desktop Boards business in late 2013. There are no resources to produce this custom BIOS that you are looking for. The processors that are currently supported are the processors that are supported, period; there will be no additions.

Sorry, reality bites,


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