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Intel i9-9900k is a joke of a launch



I just want to write out my rant toward Intel in hopes to get something changed in the future. This company, for the size and brand name, should be doing something to remedy this horrible launch of this product.

I built a PC over the past two weeks for the upcoming release of the i9-9900k. I pre-ordered on Amazon, while also looking for vendors local to my area that may have it on the 19th.

Not a single vendor has received this product in time to handle the pre-orders, and it seems there is no end in site. Intel has completely dropped the ball on this release, and apparently they did this with the Intel i8 processors as well.

This is some... No other company has this kind of "paper" release crap then intel, and it seriously needs to be reevaluated. Thankfully I am not one of the people who has a dead PC while waiting for the release, so I am not binded by trying to rush this build, but I could see the frustration had my PC went like my first PC 6 years ago.

My current PC is still kicking with an AMD FX 8350, so I am alright to wait, but i'm not going to for long.

I already ordered and it will arrive tomorrow, my Z390 motherboard and remaining parts of my new PC build. I ordered a expedited shipping since you would believe a release date would mean vendors would be in stock a few days ahead of time. Thankfully Amazon held themselves to a higher standard, and has waived that fee if I ever see my processor. From the different sources online, it seems not a single company has any idea what is going on, and there is no end in site.

Let this be a warning, like many of the other threads I see online. Intel will not survive another release like this. People are already looking at replacing their motherboards and moving to AMD. I enjoyed the lifespan and use of my 8350, as well as the maturity and honesty of AMD. Intel has completely dropped the ball on how a company should handle a new product, and its being seen everywhere. Only a few people have the processors, and we are already seeing bad results. I for one, will not wait more then a month for this processor to be at a vendor like some of the rumors, just to get results against a company that is eating your market share and producing a very good similar product.

Let it be known, people are already looking for replacing their motherboards with ones that support AMD chips. The Ryzen 7 or Threadripper are very marketable right now, and them lowering the price as Intel keeps up is huge.

Why would anyone as a consumer stand up for a company like this? Intel needs to be hit hard for what they've done, and I hope many others look to move to AMD if this situation isn't resolved soon. The price alone going up almost $100.00 the first day is a huge smack to the face when it's not even shipping. I cannot wait to cancel this pre-order in a month if I don't see any progress and hopefully be able to sell the z390 or return it in time. Please do the same, PC community. AMD will happily take our money for a great product by a reputable company with standards. Intel has lost their minds.

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