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J4125 hardware register map?




I picked up a couple of of these boards Seeed Odyssey J4125


Was looking to use the GPIO for some machine control projects. I'm told that I need documentation on the hardware register map to make use of it. I came across this thread 

Which is asking Seeed for pretty much exacly what I need, however it seems Seeed cannot obtain this information from Intel? Not sure what sensitive information would be revealed in those details but the bios on this board itself has simple control of all of the broken out GPIO pins (arranged as on a Raspberry Pi.


How do I obtain this information?

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Hello jwhite36,

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As per the information you are requesting we recommend you to check on our website Intel Resource & Documentation Center, they provide technical Resources for Customers, Designers, Engineers, and Developers. Also, you are going to have access to personalized content, leverage Intel's design, and training tools, and find solutions for your industry.|most-popular


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Josue O.  

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Thanks for the response, that is what I was looking for.