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Looking for cpu upgrade


Good morning,


i have a Lenovo Desktop with a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz.

I upgraded the system the past year, new graphics card, ssd drives and 32 internal mem.

Now since a few days the pc started to have problems loading pages, programs etc.

Through a pc technician i know it seems that 1 core is not working anymore so i need a new cpu. Since i have to buy anyway i like to upgrade the cpu but i'm not sure what i can use in the system.

My pc info is: 

Lenovo Y720 Cube-15ISH

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz, socket 1151, 4 cores, 8 threads

NVDIA Geforce RTX 3050

RAM 32,0 GB
Type systeem 64-bits besturingssysteem, x64-processor

I just want a update that will last a couple of more years. I hope somebody can and will help me with this. 

Thank you.

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You must contact lenovo and ask them which processors THEIR bios supports.   Then, you can chose from those.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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