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Need help with I7-4790k overheating

I've been dealing with trying to fix this issue for about a year and its been absolute hell. That said below is everything I've tried plus system specs, I hope I have more luck here than I did on the dozen other forums.

A quick description of the problem, during any moderate task such as gaming the processor will hit 90c with ease and begin to thermal throttle, heavy tasks such as rendering a video cause temps to shoot up to 100c. A stress test with Intels tuning utility will cause temps to hit 100c in less than 1 min. No Overclock I hadn't even messed with the voltages this until problem started.

System specs first

intel i7-4790k

stock cooler currently

corsair vengance pro 16gb (8x2) ddr3 1866 memory

Asus z97-A

samsung 850 evo 1tb ssd

Corsair 760T case

evga supernova nex 650w

windows 7 HP


This is whats currently in the case, lets get to what I've already tried, I'll try and keep it short.

I had an H100i AIO cooler, but it had no effect.

I've tried swapping out the RAM for an old set of 4x2

I've tried 1 stick of RAM with both the 8 and 4

I made sure they were going in the right spot via the manual

I've reset CMOS via the moving the cap from pins 1-2 to 2-3 waiting and moving them back. ( several dozen times by now)

I've reset CMOS via removing the small battery (quiet nerve racking the first time I tried this, had no idea what I was doing.)

I have of course re-applied AS5 thermal paste and made sure the cooler was properly seated..... again... and again.... and again

After wasting 2 tubes of AS5 I bought a graphite thermal pad, not that it helped but at least its not wasting paste

I've been through support with Asus, not as helpful as I would of liked..... they did replace the motherboard though, trice

I've tried a different PSU and cables, I don't recall the exact model atm

I've tried praying to at least 300 million different gods and satan, and I'm not even religious

I've tried resetting the defaults in BIOS several dozen times now

I've tried turning on XMP profile and turning it back off, it's currently off

I've tried running 3 different AV scans plus windows defender

I've reinstalled windows (what a fun and fruitful venture this was.../s)

I've taken the motherboard out of the case and tried it on the box

I've tried disabling turbo mode

I've tried setting manual voltages using Intels tuning utility according to this thread ------>

Quick Edit: Lowering the processor current limit to 60A nets me about 85c over 5mins, I don't know if I call that a result but maybe it helps finding the problem?

I've made sure everything is up to date, including drivers, windows updates, and the BIOS

I think thats all the important details, heres where things get a little odd.

I have contacted Intel support, the first time (about a year ago) they re-directed me to my motherboard manufacturer and since then I've been on a wild goose chase to find the problem, No RMA.

The second time I contacted support I couldn't even get it to post so they RMA'd it that time, how ever once I got the return processor back it instantly overheated as well.

At this point I was of course questioning my own ability so I purchased a new processor, a G3220 and wouldn't ya know it, it works perfectly in the same setup.

Now I've absolutely ruled out every other component AND my own ineptitude as possible faults.

I decide to contact Intel support one more time and I'm informed support for the 4790k is no longer available and I was redirected to the community forums, I RMA'd the processor again anyway with the same out come, and so here I am now at my absolute wits end.

Hope I didn't forget anything to important... anyway any help is greatly appreciated.

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Here is a long-running document/thread on overheating. It takes a while to read.



I've already tried the fix in that thread with no results as mentioned in the original post, how ever I have now made a post there as well. The more I read in that thread the less hope I have that this can actually be fixed.