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PC won't Turn on after Vt-x enabled in Bios


Today I upgraded Asus b560m plus bios, and all went well, after logged in Windows I noticed on task manager that Virtualization is Disabled and Hyper-v says Supported. So, first I revisited Windows Features panel to make sure that Hyper-v is not enabled which might have caused Virtualization to get disabled. But that was not the case, hyperv was unchecked also the other Hypervisor platforms, I always use Vt-x so I know how things shou be. So, next I restart pc to enable Vt-x in bios, and after saving changes Pc would normally shut down once but then it won't start anymore, it just gives a short signal as it powering on but doesn't proceeds further, it remains powered off.

I removed cmos battery, and then later PC booted into bios with default settings, logged into windows, and still vt-x disabled ofcourse, so i went back to bios again to enable, and same thing ahppens, as normally PC wud shut down after saving bios changes, but then wont power on , i also downgraded bios version to its rpevious version, but still no changes, i appreciate if anyone knows a solution and willing to help, thank you.

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i think i fixed it thank God

Removed both hard disks/SSD's, and re-flashed BIOS again with usb, without any hard disk connected, believe it or not it flashed so fast comparing when i did with hard disk's connected to Moherboard.
after the bios flash was completed, normally pc will shut down and power on itself again into bios, so i changed bios settings like turned vt-x on, and tpm to firmware, saved chanegs and again pc will shut down and restart to bios, thne i turned pc off via power button on PC, and connected hard drives, turned PC on and all things are working now and bios changes are effective.
i hope this helps someone else too.
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