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Small Super Computer


My first attempt was deleted with no notification.  I try again leaving out any company names and the link used to show the image of the board.  If this merits deletion, please advise as to why.

Are there any products using Intel processors with a hardware profile of a small board with one or more multiple core processors and a minimum of support hardware?  The goal is to build a small home sized super computer.  Lean how to use one or a few, then expand the board count.

I arrived here via searches about just such a board.  It a has host processor for control and I/O (in the form of Ethernet), and a 16 core processor to do the work.  Not much larger than a credit card.  In my words, a minimum support package for a bunch of cores.  Later versions increased the core count to 64 and 1024 processors.  Unfortunately, they garnered no effective software support and are no longer viable.

To restate: the goal is a minimum hardware package to support a multi-core processor and an Ethernet I/O.  The immediate goal is to be able to program one or a few boards and get some example code running.  When that works, purchase a few more boards, maybe eight and put them in something the size of a shoebox, running maybe 64 to 256 cores.   Maybe more.  Depends on what I can discover.

Have you any thoughts along these lines?

Edit: Arduino, Rasp-Pi, any of those genre are no on my list.  I don't want video, USB, comm ports, etc.  Maybe only four chips: a controller CPU, the multi core chip, memory, and Ethernet controller.  Maybe a power control chip.

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