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Since last Intel microcode update few days ago (about 7, a week) I am getting WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR in BSODs on Windows 10.

I didn't changed anything in hardware, only removed GPU to check if the problem persists (yes).

Computer is 9900K, not OC, and 1080 Ti also not OC, Windows 10 up-to-date.

I tried lowering down CPU and memory frequencies but it didn't helped, still the BSODs are thrown.

I was operating with GPU and without. The problem appears when there is more work for computer, earlier there was no problem, only after this last microcode for Intel update and some drivers updates - also Intel.

Please DO NOT advice me to reinstall Windows, which was working for 2 years without problems, and now the problem appeared.

I gone thru sfc /scannow - it fixed sth at the beginning, but it didn't helped for BSODs.

Also I suspect that GPU was destroyed by these recent updates, as GPU now does not work, computer starts with card but there is no signal to the monitor. iGPU works.

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I solved that by removing one DLL in Windows\System32 folder and updating microcode with instructions from this site (on Linux):

Now there are no BSODs, but still GPU does not work, seems like the Windows Update microcode has destroyed my GPU earlier.

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Hi Ntngld,


Thank you for sharing the ingenious fix that you found.

It sure will be beneficial for other community users who experienced the same issue as yours.

We are glad to know that your issue is already resolved.

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