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What's the max spin speed for a i7 4790k stock fan?


Hello, what's the max stock fan spin speed for a 4th gen i7 4790k, should I be worrying if RPM reaches to 1800?

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GethPrime, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to your inquiry, just to let you know, the Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor is under status of: End Of Interactive Support / Discontinued, as you can confirm in the following link:

So, even though Intel® technical support will no longer be provided for this kind of products, still, as an option you may want to try our Discontinued Products Community to get recommendations from fellow community members:

Or you may also find the Discontinued Products Website helpful to address your request:

Still, as an option, you can always run the Intel® Processor Diagnostics Tool, if the processor passed the test, it means it is working fine:


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If I remember correctly, there were three versions of this heatsink-fan unit, with fans from three different vendors. I am not sure what the actual maximum speeds of the fans actually were. This is actually not important and a sidetrack.

What you need to be looking at is the temperatures of the processor and the duty cycle being sent to the fan. If the fan is running at near-100% duty cycle and the temperature is sitting in the 90's (or worse reaching 100c), then you are in trouble. I would be looking at replacing the Thermal Interface Material (TIM, heatsink paste) at this point.

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