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Why is my processor overheating? (Tried everything)


so, my computer has been not functioning great / loudly. I looked into it and saw I was running at 70c.


I reapplied thermal paste, cleaned my comp from top to bottom. The computer is well ventilated and all the other parts are running at a low temperature, I think this is the result of some glitch.



if I wait a bit, the computer can cool down enough to run and open but now it’ll overheat on a restart:


can anyone help me here?

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So, 70c is not overheating. Heck, 80c is not overheating. For newer processors, Intel Customer Support will even tell you that 90c is not overheating.


Tell us more about your system (using full part numbers, not descriptions). What processor? What memory? What motherboard? What cooling solution on the processor? What is the fan speed control programming set to in the BIOS? [Take a picture of the screen showing the BIOS Setup page for this and include it in your response] Tell us more about what you are seeing as well.