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high cpu usage and temps.. also hitting voltage and current limiter


hi there.

so i have done abit of my own research and came up with nothing. 

ive been gaming on this pc for 2 years fine and then all of a sudden this problem started.

so when gaming on low demanding games my cpu usage is at 100% and temps hitting high 80's and the throttle limits for voltage and current are maxing out. ive ran prime95 stress test with low temperatures and no answers same as the intel cpu stress test.  with some games the computer restarts itself also.

ive taken it to a computer shop and they suggested that my cooler is fine and that it could be the psu but that would be strange for the computer to all of a sudden not get enough power supply. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

this my computer below

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Trying to pin this on the processor is a bit premature.   Power supplies do go bad.   Try a different power supply, like you were advised by the repair shop.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)

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