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i upgraded from a i5 650 to a i5 6400 with turbo boost

i upgraded from a i5 650 to a i5 6400 with turbo boost how do i access the turbo boost and how do i make sure it dont overheat so i can monitor it and i also would like to control the turbo boost if possible like turn it on and off

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Hello sgbrains22,



The turbo boost is usually active by default on your system. How to turning on and off it depends on your motherboard BIOS, for that you will need to contact your motherboard manufacturer for them to guide you in the BIOS how to enable or disable it in the BIOS.



About overheating, for this you need to contact your system manufacturer and make sure your processor is compatible with your motherboard and BIOS and what cautions you can take if the system overheats.



I'm sorry that I wasn't much of a help for you but your system manufacturer is more familiar with your motherboard, BIOS and any caution that you can take and troubleshooting.




Best regards,




Ivan U.