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i7-620UE still in production?


The Product Specifications site for the i7-620UE states that this processor is "Launched." However, the i7-620UM, which is also a first generation CPU and almost identical in specifications, is listed as "Discontinued."

i7-620UE i7-620UM

Launched Discontinued (Aug '18)

Q1'10 Q1'10

32nm 32nm

2 cores 2 cores

4 threads 4 threads

1.06GHz 1.06GHz

2.13GHz Turbo 2.13GHz Turbo

4MB SmartCache 4MB SmartCache

2.5GT/s DMI 2.5GT/s DMI

8.79GB Max memory 8GB Max memory

DDR3 800 DDR3 800

2 memory channels 2 memory channels

12.8 GB/2 bandwidth 12.8 GB/2 bandwidth

36-bit physical address ext 36-bit physical address ext

: :

: :

In fact, it appears that a vast number of the first generation Core processors have been discontinued. Additionally, even newer CPUs have been discontinued.

Despite the "Launched" status, is the i7-620UE actually still being manufactured and supported?


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Hello rapfl3,


Thank you for posting in our Intel ® Community.


In this case, let me inform you that the ® Core™ i7-620UE Processor is considered an EOL (End of Life) product since July 27, 2018, which means that:


-The product is no longer being manufactured.


-You will get full technical and warranty support.


-Complete self-help on the web through our Resource & Design Center (you just need to create a new account and submit your question there so you will get further technical information)


The product will be marked as EOIS (End Of Interactive Support) on January 25, 2019, meaning that Intel ® Customer Service will no longer respond to telephone, chat, or e-mail inquiries for it, but you may want to try our /community/tech/discontinued-products Discontinued Products Community to get recommendations from fellow community members. You may also find the Discontinued Products Website helpful to address your request.


You can check our Product Change Notification for this product for extra details.



I hope this helps.




Diego S.


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