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i7-7500U CPU temperature increasing and reducing by 30 degrees in 2 seconds?


Hey all,

I have a 6-month old Lenovo Thinkpad E570. It has a GTX 950m, an i7-7500U CPU, and 16GB of RAM. Yesterday I was playing games on it and decided to run a temperature monitoring program just to see if everything was okay. The temperature was sitting at around 68-72 celsius. Warm, but not unreasonable for an i7 in a thin laptop playing video games. I started playing again and then checked back to find that the temperature had jumped from 68-72 to 98 for a second before returning to 68-72 after another second. When I say a second, I literally mean 1 second. I have the program set to update every second, so over the span of 2 seconds, the CPU temperature increased by nearly 30 degrees and then immediately reduced 30 degrees.

I stopped playing games and tested stuff out by surfing the internet. Idle temperatures just looking at a website were between 31-33 degrees. However, as soon as I clicked on a website and it started loading, the temperature shot up 30-40 degrees and then went back to normal within 2 seconds, just like when playing games. I have a video showing the temperature increase, but only uploaded to dropbox. I've tried attaching it below as a .mov file. Video shows idle temps between 31-33, increasing to 68, then immediately back down to 31-33. I've also seen the temps recorded going up to 82 degrees when loading a website.

I found forum posts on here reporting nearly the exact same issues on i7-7700k CPUs resulting from faulty sensors or something. I also downloaded the Intel diagnostic test program to test my CPU and its thermals. The CPU passed and the temperature never went above 73 degrees. Now, I also know that the laptop never felt hot enough for the CPU to be reaching 99 degrees. It was warm while playing games, but never hot. I don't think my laptop is reaching the temperatures being reported and if it was just that I wouldn't be posting here, but if the sensors are reading spikes up to 99 degrees, the CPU could get throttled affecting the laptop's performance.

Any advice from anyone? I'll be contacting Lenovo support tomorrow, but considering that I've seen reports of this stuff in other i7s, figured I'd ask here.

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Hello Strangestories,



Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support.



I understand that the temperature of your processor increases when playing games. I will provide further help.



In this case, it seems that your processor is running within specifications.



However, if you are playing demanding games, the processor is capable of generating a fair amount of heat because of this and any other applications you may be using. To do further research about this, please provide the games you are playing.



Also, please run the Intel® System Support Utility and attach the report.



1.Download the Intel® System Support Utility and save the application to your system.


2.Open the application and click Scan to see system and device information. The Intel® System Support Utility defaults to the Summary View on the output screen following the scan. Click the menu where it says summary to change to Detailed View.


3.To save your scan, click Next and click Save. You can save the file to any accessible location on your computer.



Please run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool one more time and attach the report, too.



Wanner G.

Wanner G.,

It is not only due to games. While the temperatures only reach 99 degrees when playing games, they jump massively when starting any new process on the laptop.

As I mentioned in my original post, even when browsing the internet my laptop's temperatures can jump from 33 to 85 degrees. That should not be possible with proper cooling. And yes, while 99 degrees is technically within specifications, it seems absolutely unacceptable that a 6-month old laptop should be getting within 1 degree of max temperature unless something is wrong with cooling (thermal paste, improper fan placement, whatever).

My previous laptop, which I replaced with this one after 6 months, had an i7-6500U. When playing games, the temperatures never went above 80 degrees. When browsing the internet, it absolutely never jumped 40-50 degrees when opening a website.

I was playing:


1. Supreme Commander. An 11 year old game.

2. Medieval II: Total War. A 12 year old game.

3. When loading a website, literally any website causes the massive temperature jump.

I have attached the scans as .TXT documents (which turned into zip files after I attached them apparently). I have also attached to screen grabs. One shows when the CPU reached 99 degrees, the other shows an intel stress test. Unfortunately the stress test does not show the maximums on the screen, but the highest temperature the CPU reached was 92 degrees and there was thermal throttling happening as a result.

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It is certainly true that 7th and 8th generation processor are more thermally volatile than previous generations and seeing large temperature changes in short periods of time is the new normal. Regardless, overall, this sounds like an inadequate cooling solution in the laptop. Whether improperly designed, improperly installed or improperly configured, I cannot say, but it should be handling this better. You should definitely be talking to Lenovo about this problem...