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ideas for the next gen laptop gaming cpu


hi intel i trying to give you some ideas for gaming laptop

i see that gaming laptop cpu are extremely weak vs desktop cpu so i think is time that you make a super powerful gaming laptop cpu

i think is time that you make i9 extreme for gaming laptop that have 12 core or more

make real time cpu with the next gen technology turbo boost 3.0 or 4.0 that dont over heat or have delay

real full core unlock quad core like 6, 8 10 12 16 18 and real procesing to run full 4k 300fps

full direct memory to reduce extreme latency for gaming

full direct display to reduce extreme input lag and lantency for all hz max 240hz or highter

real time ghz processing frecuency and not fake frecuency

next gen gpu and direct x

no vulneravility

super extreme supoer fast cpu memory

extreme cache procesing

extreme turbo real time

extreme multitasking

extreme quality

direct gaming cpu

extreme hardware software gaming

zero interference

cpu ground protection

cpu anti static

anti cpu performance reduction

cpu solid hardware security protection

cpu performance increase 300% in all the areas

cpu temp next gen sensors

make the ultimate beast cpu for gaming laptop for 2019 for the computex that support the next gen gaming video card rtx

ect just helping

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Hello kakashi2000,



Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.



I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with the information. We will be taking this into consideration.






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