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which proceesor support for intel mm70 (southbridge)



May i know which processor support for chipset mm70

I want change my laptop processor

I use below processor

Name Intel Celeron 1005M

Code Name Ivy Bridge

Package Socket 988B rPGA

Technology 22nm

Specification Intel Celeron CPU 1005M @ 1.90GHz

Chipset Vendor Intel

Chipset Model Ivy Bridge

Chipset Revision 09

Southbridge Vendor Intel

Southbridge Model MM70

Southbridge Revision 04

Thanks in advance

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When upgrading mobile platforms, we recommend you to contact your system manufacturer because only your system manufacturer is familiar with the system specifications and the processor it supports. This is also recommended since a processor upgrade must be socket, Intel® Chipset and BIOS compatible. Also, lack of BIOS support for your processor can cause the system to not boot.



Please validate these details with your computer manufacturer so that the upgrade goes as planned.



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