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z8350, Dual OS, Android


Dear fellow Intel-ers,


My first question on this forum. If anything is not up to the convention of the community please let me know I'll try to avoid for future questions.


We resell tablets made in ShenZhen, China, some model having z8350 inside.


1, We heard from manufacturer that z8350 is discontinued and would be out of reach soon, is this true? Why would Intel stop offering this product when there is still demand? What would be the successor?


2, I had the feeling that z8350/z8330 is the only current CPU that supports dual OS (i.e. Windows 10 + Android), is this correct? What does it take for a CPU to support dual OS, or in another way, support Android?(since pretty much all CPU supports Windows, got to be Wintel anyway. :))


3, further on point 2, how much work is on the CPU side for supporting Android, i.e. maybe more work lies on motherboard, BIOS/UEFI, bootloader etc. If we want to develop solutions to offer dual OS on Intel CPU, how feasible is this endeavour for a small team, or is it something only giants can handle?


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks a lot,



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xied75, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


In order to get the most accurate assistance in reference to your questions, please visit, register and submit your inquiries in the Intel® Embedded Design Center, in there you will receive further assistance on this topic:



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