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5AGXFB3H4F35C5NES device support

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I have an Arria V GX starter kit (Engineering Sample), so the exact device number is 5AGXFB3H4F35C5NES. 

However, there is no such device support in my quartus prime software. 

I have the quartus prime standard edition, with support for the Arria V family installed. 

The closest device number I have found is 5AGXFB3H4F35C5 (there are no 'N' or 'NES' options at the end), and I have chosen that for my project. 

When I try flashing my FPGA dev board, there are compatibility issues. 


Is there any way I can install support for my particular device? Or does this version of quartus not support the ES (Engineering Sample) version of this board anymore? 


I would really appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
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The ES variant was still supported as of Quartus 13.0. It appears that its support was dropped sometime between 13.0 and 16.0. I have no idea why they are still selling DKs with engineering sample Arria V chips (Altera officially instructed its customers to go for mass-production chips in their ADV1307 advisory is July 2013), but, if you got stuck with one, you may need to revert to 13.0.

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