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8B/10B ,64B/66B encoder/decoder of IP setting on Arria 10 transceiver

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Device : Arria 10 10AX66N3F40E2SG 

EDA : Quartus Prime Std. 17.0 

Problem :  

I want to trans/receive data via Arria10 transceiver which data width is 64bits and clock rate is 127MHz. 

Protocol of Transceiver just used 64B/66B 

So the data rate is 127MHz*66bits = 8382Mbps(64/66B)  

If I want to use 8b/10b which data width is 8bits and clock rate is 127MHz,data rate is 127MHz*10bits = 1270Mbps(8/10B). 


I already succeed in Stratix IV Transceiver which using native 8B/10B encoder/decoder. (156.25MHz,16bits). 


But in the Arria10-Native-Tansceiver,I select 64B/66B en/decoder(or 8B/10B en/decoder), 

(preset : low latency enhanced PCS) 

Qsys jump to error , 

If I want to use 8B/10B , It disappear same error message too. 

(preset : low latency standard PCS) 

I tried for a few weeks , cannot solve this problem. 

I don’t know which parameter in transceiver I ignored. 

Can anyone help me please? 



Attachments include docx file of my IP core setting in Arria 10(64B/66B failed) and Stratix IV (8B/10B succeed)
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