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AFE5809EVM: Correct use of evaluation modules and the Cyclone V GX starter kit.


hello, I am a student of the Electronic Engineering at the Catholic University, Asunción, Paraguay, and I am carrying out my final project, in obtaining distances maps with ultrasound transducers, exciting an array of ultrasonic sensors, on the other hand I have an array of Ultrasonic Sensors for receiving the echoes.

As we can see in the image, with the Department of Digital Electonics we acquired the AFE5809evm + HSMC-ADC-Bridge + Cyclone V GX Starter KIT.


And we have the following doubts, and it would be very helpful if they could give us a hand, since we are not able to advance as we had planned, then I will quote some doubts regarding each module in question.


  •  The receiver sensors operate at a frequency of 40KHz, we will use a total of 8 sensors connected in channels CH1-CH8 (J1 - J8) for processing the received echoes, what we should do for the correct operation at that mentioned frequency?.
  •  For the correct processing of the digitized data, how should we configure in the AFE5809evm GUI?
  • We must make some change in the hardware of some component?, that is, change some resistance or capacitor in this evaluation module (AFE5809evm)?.

Cyclone V GX Starter Kit

  •  As we have seen in other forums, the project in quartus is obtained after installing the TSW1400 GUI, that project in general we will use to obtain the data provided by AFE5809evm, is this correct?
  • Both the AFE5809evm and the Cyclone V GX must be synchronized?

In conclusion, If you can provide me some papers, or another project that use this module, or simply answer me all my questions and future more, it will be great.


Mateo Recalde


Catholic University

Asunción - Paraguay


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Hi Mateo, As you have mentioned in your project there are two parts Cyclone VGX and AFE5809evm ( from TI) . The Cyclone V GX, if I am correct the connection is through GPIO, as of now I could not find any example design from the Altera for the integration both parts
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