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Altera msgdma busy doesn't complete operation

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Description of IP core enabled, 


standard descriptor 128bit 

no response port 


After initiating transfer by writing descriptor control bit 


1) MSGDMA been software reset  

2) Read CSR status value - 0x10 (FIFO empty) 

3) csr control register value - 0x10 (Interrupt enable) 

4) slave descriptor Control set to - 80ff6000 (Go Bit | Transfer complete IRQ + bits16-23enabled) 


After transfer starts 

csr status value changes from 0x10 to 0x11 saying it is busy however transfer doesn't complete and even  

csr read fill level - 0x0 

csr response fill level - 0x0 


Destination and source address atleast 8bytes (double word) aligned 

Copy size is also is around 0x60 which is also aligned size. 


Please suggest what I am doing wrong or what else to try out for successful DMA transmission.
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What is the maximum rate msgdma can operate, can it function at 200MhZ or is there any limitation on clock rate ?