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CPLD for capturing image from OV5640

Could you please let me know which CPLD I could use for interfacing OV5640 camera? I'm working on the project controlling camera and saving its image data. In this project I have a strong requirement on power consumption and I hope that te CPLD doesn't cnsume more than 04W. For I2C communatin I culd use a low power MCU. But for capturing imags from the image sensor I need to use CPLD. So I'm wondering if EPM570 or 5M570 can do the job. I'm afraid that I don't have experience in FPGA/CPLD. A the moment I can't use the power estimator. Also It is impossible for me to estimate how many logic cells I would need for my project. It would be very appreciated if you could help me.  


The expected data rate is like the folowings  

pixel clock:96Mhz 

data rate = 1280 x 960 x 10bis x 30Hz / 8bits = 46MB/s 



And this is the datashet of the OV5640 image sensor
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