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Can I use jtag instead of writing code for lcd

Hello all, I have a custom board with Cyclone II and NiosII implemented. The system is interfaced with a sensor and with an lcd module. 

I use the lcd module included in SOPC builder . 

I developed a program that reads data from a sensor. 

In BSP editor I selected the lcd module as Nios II standard out console to visualize Jtag information. 

So all my printfs goes to lcd. Its working Ok. 

I would like to ask if I can use in my final project the JTAG module in order to visualize the relative printf s or I have to implement a the piece of code that will control the lcd module. 

I read in forum that it could not be used JTAG output in final projects because there will be a problem flashing them! 

Can I leave Jtag module and flash the board from the moment I will not use it for sending data outside direction (I mean Eclipse in the Personal Computer). 

I hope that is clear what I mean! Please forgive my English.
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