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Code compiled for EP3C10M164I7N used on EP3C10M164C8N


We are building a device that used the EP3C10M164I7N, but cannot get them. The EP3C10M164C8N is available, with the only noted differences in part number being I to C - Temp range, and 7 - 8 speed grade. Did not develop this device, but have .jic file used for programming. Since they are nearly the same FPGA, is the programming file portable between these two devices? If it programs, would we expect differences in behavior due to the speed rating? Thank you!

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The two devices are physically the same die and can use the exact same .jic programming file.

They are just tested and placed into different speed/temperature bins by Intel/Altera based on manufacturing yield testing.

That being said, you could possibly see differences in behavior if you are operating at the limits of speed and/or temperature.

You don't say what your product environmental specifications are nor what your device clock rate is.

Eg, you initially used an I temp device. Is your product expected to run at -40'C to 100'C die temp?

If so, the using the C temp device may be an issue. Only you can answer that question.


Thank you for the reply. Makes sense it's just a grading difference. I don't believe we are anywhere near the speed limit, but might experience less than 0 C. Best we can do unless we find some of the original part number.

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