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Communication between 10AX066 and Ti 667x DSP with SRIO IP core sometimes fails


1、Sometimes the SRIO IP core fails to initialize successfully (probability is about a few percent), and the value of 0x158 register is 0x0000_0000.

2、SRIO IP initialization succeeded. At this time, the value of FPGA register 0x158 is 0x0000_0002, and the DSP register is also 0x0000_0002. However, when the FPGA transmits the first packet of data to the DSP, the DSP does not return a value. At this time, the value of the register 0x158, the FPGA value becomes 0x0000_0206, and the value of the DSP register is 0x0000_0002.

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Hi Ryan,


As I understand it, you have some inquiries related to SRIO IP in A10GX device interfacing with 3rd party devices. In case #1, you are seeing SRIO IP fails to initialize. In case #2, initialization is successful but the 3rd party device does not respond.


To further isolate the issue, just wonder if you have had a chance to perform a loopback with the A10GX device only? For example, TX to RX without involving 3rd party device. This would be helpful to narrow down to A10GX device if issue still persists.


thank you

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