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Compile error 169025 Too many I/O pins assigned in I/O bank

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My design is based on a FPGA online course I'm taking through Coursesea 

I'm seeing a conflict between the compile error and the pin planner 

I'm using Quartus 16.1 lite (free), processor MAX10 10M08DAF484C8GES 

I did research the forum for help, no luck. I'm also the Max10 datasheets 

compile error states 37 pins assigned in I/O bank 8 only 36 I/O pins allowed 


pin planner shows 33 pins assigned and 3 pins available, see IO Bank Usage attachment 


Per the instructor direction I assigned the pins from a combination of  

- pin planner: 

  • 2 single pins dropped 

  • dropping grouped bus pins into the bank#  


- using the pin Assignment Edito: 

  • other single pins. 



OMG I just discovered copying / pasting the compile error below I get the signals i placed in bank 8 plus there's 3 ~signals that i didn't place but this only adds up to 36 pins not 37.  

- So what is the 37th pin? 

- why did these signals get placed? One confession I did do a back annotate before re-assigning the pins. 

Info (169112): Pin ~ALTERA_CONFIG_SEL~ Info (169112): Pin ~ALTERA_nCONFIG~ 

Info (169112): Pin ~ALTERA_nSTATUS~ 


Error (169025): Too many I/O pins (37) assigned in I/O bank 8 - no more than 36 I/O pins are allowed in the I/O bank 

Info (169112): Pin A[31] 

Info (169112): Pin A[30] 

Info (169112): Pin A[28] 

Info (169112): Pin A[26] 

Info (169112): Pin A[24] 

Info (169112): Pin A[22] 

Info (169112): Pin A[20] 

Info (169112): Pin A[18] 

Info (169112): Pin A[16] 

Info (169112): Pin A[14] 

Info (169112): Pin A[12] 

Info (169112): Pin A[10] 

Info (169112): Pin A[8] 

Info (169112): Pin A[6] 

Info (169112): Pin A[4] 

Info (169112): Pin A[2] 

Info (169112): Pin A[0] 

Info (169112): Pin A[1] 

Info (169112): Pin A[3] 

Info (169112): Pin A[5] 

Info (169112): Pin A[7] 

Info (169112): Pin A[9] 

Info (169112): Pin A[11] 

Info (169112): Pin A[13] 

Info (169112): Pin A[15] 

Info (169112): Pin A[17] 

Info (169112): Pin A[19] 

Info (169112): Pin A[21] 

Info (169112): Pin A[23] 

Info (169112): Pin A[25] 

Info (169112): Pin A[27] 

Info (169112): Pin A[29] 

Info (169112): Pin reset_n 

Info (169112): Pin ~ALTERA_CONFIG_SEL~ 

Info (169112): Pin ~ALTERA_nCONFIG~ 

Info (169112): Pin ~ALTERA_nSTATUS~
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