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Creating my own User-Defined Device list for Quartus Prime Standard Edition


I want to create .qud files for different types of modules that I have. Inside of these modules I have multiple devices but I want to make the .qud for just the specific module that I have. For example, in on of my modules I have a 5M2210Z, 5SGSMK5K2, and two SRAM_CY7C1480. I would like to create a .qud that list all the information for just the devices listed above. 

When I export from 'Add Devices' all I get in the .qud is the device information of the devices that are in the 'User-Defined' list of the Device Family portion. The problem is that I want to either make my own user define list or make a .qud with the list/part number of the devices that I want. 

Does anyone have any information on how I can accomplish this? 

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