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Custom Neural Network on DE10-Nano

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Hi all, 



I am working on a project aims to implement custom neural network on FPGA an operate it using the Linux system. It will work on video captured by webcam connected to the USB. It should recognize certain objects in the video depending on its training. the used kit is DE10-Nano. 

I need help regarding the steps i should follow to to accomplish the project in shortest time possible. 


  • How the the Linux system will send the data to the NN on the FPGA? 

    -should i use QSyS? 

    -will i need the SOC ESD in any phase? 

    -will the webcam need drivers? 


I am experienced some how with RTL coding, FPGA, and Linux. But this is my first time with the SOC design flow. 

I appreciate any help 




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Dear all, 


I have th main questions for any who are willing to help. 

Is there any ready project/Tutorial for implementing Convolutional Neural Network on the FPGA and interfacing it on the HPS running LINUX? 

Is there an IP for Neural Network? 

How to pass data from Linux running on the HPS to block on the FPGA?
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This project could be of some help. We recently developed a CNN accelerator based on the OpenCL framework. We used DE10 Nano based on Intel Cyclone V SoC FPGA for the implementation.


You can check out the entire design flow to implement the accelerator and the relevant codes in the following repository: 

For more technical information, refer to this presentation: Link 

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