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Cyclone 10 LP - PLL reconfiguration example design

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I have been following AN661 and how to video: to understand how the PLL reconfiguration can be implemented. i am targeting Cyclone 10 LP - 10CL025 part and using Quartus Prime Lite 17.1 tools. i know that the application note and video are targetting older parts, i was told by the support person to use these as reference to target this new FPGA. 'ALTPLL' and 'ALTPLL_RECONFIG' IPs i see in the tool show different inputs enabled when selecting the reconfiguration option in the PLL wizard than it is shown in the video and AN661.  


Attached 'allpll.jpg' and 'pll_reconfig.jpg' are what i see in the tool. But the above video (snippet attached 'video_setup.jpg' ) show different inputs enabled for PLL and pll_reconfig for PLL reconfiguration application.  



- How do I get to ‘Altera IOPLL’ IP option as shown in the video for cyclone 10LP part ?  

- Enabling the dynamic reconfiguration, gives me the scanxxx signals? How do I get to the IP configuration as shown in the video and AN661 example designs?  

- Is there any tutorial or app note with step by step instructions for PLL reconfiguration for Cyclone 10LP part?  


Thank you very much!
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The video is using Platform Designer (aka Qsys) to connect ALTPLL_RECONFIG to the PLL. This is the easiest way to do it. You can, of course, just connect through RTL coding as well. Have you read through the ALTPLL_RECONFIG IP user guide?