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Cyclone II Quartus Legacy Support


I've been asked by a client to make a design change to a Cyclone II design. Long-term, the product will be migrated to a newer Intel FPGA.

The Quartus versions on the web do not support Cyclone II; the earliest Quartus version on the web is 13.1.

  • Is it possible to get access to a compatible software version?
  • Is it possible to get a device file that will allow the design to be compiled under the current version?
  • Is it possible to run Quartus and Quartus licensing under a Virtual Machine?

Thank you


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Please ignore post. One Intel download page only cites repositories that go back to 13.2, but this link brings you to a page that includes versions back to 2.2 -- Yikes!

Download Center for FPGAs (

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Please ignore post. One Intel download page only cites repositories that go back to 13.2, but this link brings you to a page that includes versions back to 2.2 -- Yikes!

Download Center for FPGAs (

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QuartusII Web (Lite) 13.0sp1 for CycloneII is back up on the download page as of this posting time (2022-01-09 10:00am PST).

Get it while it is still available...


BTW other earlier versions show as downloadable, but if you select them they go to a page that says not available.


I'm the same boat as the original poster. I've registered and logged in, but still only see Quartus version13.1 and newer. is anyone else able to see and download the older versions?



Thanks ak6dn. I installed it and the first thing I noticed is lack of support for the SOPC build, which gets to the heart of my problem, which is core IP upgrades. I've already tried some earlier versions, to no avail. My issue is that the cores were generated by Quartus 7 (or 6, depending on whether I believe the output files or the SOPC builder opening dialog). I think this means I have to upgrade the cores starting with with either the last version of Quartus supporting the System Wizard or the earliest version supporting the SOPC builder (versions 6 and 7 which I was hoping to download and try). The main upgrade issue appears to be the DDR2 core. See below for an excerpt the generation report, ddr2_sdram.html).


All the generated files are present but I can't seem to get it to install using the SOPC builder. Qsys is even worse and omits all the cores during the upgrade. As a last resort, I suppose I can regenerate the library module with the "new component" option and add it back to the design, but I was hoping for an option that gets us closer to the original HDL as the verification and validation starting point.


Potentially complicating matters, judging from experimenting with different Quartus versions, there seems to be a point where the Quartus DDR2 core (I don't remember exactly but sometime between versions 10 and 12) where Quartus no longer supports Cyclone II, but before that Quartus version, this particular DDR2 core is not available. That's why I wanted to try version 7. Appreciate any further comments or suggestions.



Generation Report - DDR2 SDRAM Controller v7.0

Entity Name ddr2_sdram_auk_ddr_sdram
Variation Name ddr2_sdram
Variation HDL Verilog HDL
Output Directory (omitted)

File Summary

The MegaWizard interface is creating the following files in the output directory:
File Description
ddr2_sdram.v A MegaCore® function variation file, which defines a Verilog HDL top-level description of the custom MegaCore function. Instantiate the entity defined by this file inside of your design. Include this file when compiling your design in the Quartus II software.
ddr2_sdram_bb.v Verilog HDL black-box file for the MegaCore function variation. Use this file when using a third-party EDA tool to synthesize your design.
[etc etc.]  




I ran into a similar problem where a design I built in QSYS or System builder wouldn't compile. It was quite a while ago, so I'm not sure I remember all the details.  I had to go in and "recompile" all the custom peripherals inside System Builder so that they were brought up to the same Quartus version. I use quotes around recompile bc I don't think that's the terminology that Quartus used. Again, this isn't exactly what you're seeing but perhaps it will send you in a useful direction.


Hey Clive,

May I know what is you current query? or do you able to work on it?

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Well QuartusII 13.0sp1 is the LAST (and at this point ONLY) version of Quartus available that supports CycloneII.

I have seen some others that have been suggested to open premier support cases with Intel to request deprecated versions.

I don't know if they met with any success, as then it becomes a private transaction between the user and Intel, not on the forum.


As for me, whenever I need to use a particular version of Quartus for some design, I download AND THEN SAVE all the install files.

I keep them forever and a day longer then I need to support a design made with those files.

Along with a PC with the required (if so) operating system. Quartus 13.0sp1 still runs fine on Win10 64b 21H1 release in my usage.

Expecting Altera/Intel (or the next owner of Altera LOL) to keep all versions of Quartus available forever is not realistic. Just my 2c.


So maybe you can get a version 6 or 7, I don't know. Will require some begging, I think.

Time would be better spent converting all your design IP usage to 13.0sp1, I think.