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Cyclone V MT25Q256 write from NIOS software

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We are evaluating alternative FLASHs for the Altera EPCQ256 chip. The recommended MT25Q256 is working with our design regarding programming, booting and remote update. But I cannot write data from my NIOS II firmware.  


My setup: Quartus Prime Lite 18.0, with the quartus.ini file described in 


In QSYS, I used to have the Serial Flash Controller Intel Altera IP, and I use the HAL commands from sys/alt_flash_dev.h. When trying to write the return value is 0 (OK), but the data is not present when reading back. 


So I tried the Serial Flash Controller Intel Altera IP II with the same settings, but still not working. The Generic Quad SPI controller II lets me select the MT25Q512 (not exactly the type we use), but wants me to export the conduit pins. But the programming pins are dedicated, and I cannot connect to them. 


Any hints? 


Thanks for reading, 

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