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Cyclone V or 10 Availability




I have been directed to post on this forum to ask any questions about device availability. 


Name: Christopher Yeckel 

Company name: Stangenes Industries 

Address: 1052 East Meadow Circle Palo Alto CA 94303

Contact Number: 6502726343

Required Device: 5CEBA2F17C8 or similar


We currently have a production system that uses the 5CEBA2F17C8 Cyclone V FPGA. A few years ago we bought about 1000 of these devices. Our stock is now running low. Are these devices going to be available soon or any FPGA? I can redesign the PCB around a new chip if it is close (like a cyclone 10), but I would like to maintain programmability in the Quartus environment. 


Any help would be appreciated. We need to know soon what chip to plan for (if any). 


Thanks, Christopher Yeckel  

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Just replying to myself. I was told this was the proper forum to get information on this topic? Was this in error? Can I get any information at all? I was told... 


"Hello Christopher,

We understand the situation.

However, please know that our technical experts provide this product's support only via Community Forum Support.

Therefore, we would recommend you post your query in the below-mentioned forum. Our internal team will get back to you there soon.
Community Forum Link

Proceeding further, we are re-closing this ticket"


So what is my recourse? How long is "soon"? 





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