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Cyclone V remote update failed by nStatus negative pulse.



I am using cyclone V with S25FL064 flash.  

I generate a sof with rsu for both factory image and user image, and coverted all of them into .flash. The address of two apps is just after the sof. 

Address arrangement(memory map): 


0x000000 sof 

0x17xxxx factory image 


0x200000 sof 

0x37xxxx User image 

All of the .flash are burned into S25FL064 with nios2-flash-programmer. 

After resetting, the factory image boots well and starts to reconfig to user image, but it fails to reconfig to the user image and reboots again. 

From the scope, I capture a negative pulse on nStatus, at the same time conf_done also goes low (keep low around 600ms, then goes high. I think it because the reboot succeeds), nothing changes on nConfig. 

After reboot, the rsu status is read as 0x04 which indicates nStatus fail. 

Could anyone help? I do very appreciate for any proposal. 


Best Regards 

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