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DE1 and SDram

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Hi everybody!. 

I have a project. 

I need capture the VGA signal (RGB 8 color) with resolution is 640x480 and convert it to Vga signal (RGB 8 color) with resolution is 800x600. 

I have used MCU STM32f429 and try to do that but MCU seem slow then it can not work well. 

I trying to change to FPGA to do that, i'm learning Verilog and i can write some easy code. I need use SDram to buffer for input signal data and scale it from resolution 640x480 to 800x600. 

I try to understand about Qsys, Nios but My knowledge about FPGA is not much. I think, it needn't use Qsys and Nios. I had tryed to search example verilog code on internet about DE1 and SDsam but i couldn't found anything. Somebody help me.?.
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