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DE2_70 Board and D5M Camera problem

Dear friends, 

I am a newbies in DE2 Board, I am working on DE2_70 Board and D5M Camera, I am trying to capture the video from the camera and save on the SDRAM. Has anyone done this before? I have tried the DE2_70_D5M demonstration with the Altera Kit, but it did not work for me.  

option one: 

Open Quartus (Edition 9.0) download .sof file to the board. Run the software comes with the Camera DVD Disk, the board was connected properly, but when I clicked on Download Code. It gave me an error, nios ii download .elf file fail.  

option two: 

Tried to option open project file and reconfigure everything. But when I run SOPC Builder, it had an error about camera module missing, then I added new component CAMERA_IF but could not get it work, it came out the other error about duplicated signal, and no associated clock signal for the CAMERA module. 

Please help me out of this! 


Thank you so much!
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