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Dynamic reconfiguration

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My project needs to be able to reconfigure my De10-Nano from Linux userspace. I'm looking for a way to do this. 


Apparently, cat config.rbf > /dev/fpga0 is no longer supported. Hence, these instructions appear out of date: I'd be glad to use old instructions, but the stock kernel that came on the device CD (v4.5) doesn't have this support. 


Neither does the v4.5 stock kernel for the DE10-Nano doesn't have the base_fpga_region defined in the kernel's device-tree, making it hard to use the device tree overlay method. 


So, I downloaded the kernel source from This source has no device tree overlay support. 


Attempting to register for an account at RocketBoards hangs when it tries to send me an e-mail, and then nothing shows up. 


Worse, nobody seems to be answering similar questions on RocketBoards, 


Is there something I am missing? How can I go about reconfiguring the FPGA from user space? 


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