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Example of Transceiver error reporting


Customer JESD204B receives and sends the transceiver in the same pair. Because the sampling rate is different, the transceiver is modeled separately.

RX channel tx_serial_j204[0] and TX channel rx_serial_j204b[0] are locked to the same duplex channel. In order for both the RX and TX channel to use the same duplex channel,You must assign them to the same group so the Fitter merges them into a single Avalon Memory-Mapped interface.Use the Transceiver Avalon Memory-Mapped Interface Group logic option.

After TCL command: set_instance_assignment -name XCVR_RECONFIG_GROUP on-to <instance name>

New error:

Avalon Memory-Mapped interface for xcvr_reconfig_grouple.qsf setting "ON" to instance "rx_searial_j204[0]~pad" is invalid.


How to solve this problem?


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As I understand it, you have some inquiries related to merging simple JESD TX and RX into the same XCVR channel. As I browse through the JESD204B user guide, I am unable to find specific information on the TCL command to perform the merging. Would you mind to point me to the specific section on this in user guide or any web reference which mention about JESD simple merging so that I could further probe from there?


Thank you very much.

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