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FPGA evaluation board that can generate/read 1.2V

Hi,I am currently looking for a FPGA evaluation board that can generate/read1.2V. I have searched a few FPGA boards, but these boards supports to1.5V. Is there any appropriate board? I will use this board to generate1.2V digital signal for inputs of my test chip and read-out an output ofmy test chip using the board.I guess following two kits might support 1.2V output since IO LDO is 1.2V LDO. However, I am not quite sure. Title Core LDO IO LDO 


altera cyclone v e development kit (  

ltc3608 ( 1.1V @ 4.1A 

ltc3026 ( 1.2V @ 650mA 





terasic ( cyclone v gx starter kit (altera) (


ltc3605 ( 1.1V  

ltc3605 ( 1.1V  

ltc3025-1 ( - 1.2V 
 suggestion is appreciated.Best regards,Jaeyoung
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Re: FPGA evaluation board that can generate/read 1.2V

If I understand correctly, you want 1.2 volt for an IO bank on the device. 


Most dev boards I know have 3.3, 2.5 or 1.8 volt IO banks by default. 0.9 to 1.2 V is usually used for the FPGA Core voltage, so it's available on the board (depending on the core voltage of the FPGA) but not tied to the IO Ring. 


A few boards have switchable 3.3/2.5 IO banks so that may be a possibility, but you could also use a level translator chip to switch from 2.5 down to 1.2 V on your breakout board. 



The schematics for the various dev boards are available on-line, so you can check the schematics to see what is driving the various bank VCC's and then see if it will fit your needs or can be hacked to fit your need. 


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