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Flash memory to configure the Cyclone III

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I am trying to use a standard flash to configure a CIII chip which is supported in the datasheet. I was wondering if anybody knows the difference between top parameter and bottom parameter flash devices.  


I decided to use a 256 MB Numonyx/Intel chip PC28F256P30T85 for my design becuase its similar to what used in dev kit. No luck though as this chip is not stocked atm. So I look around and see PC28F256P33B85 available. The difference is this is a B is a bottom parameter chip.  


I dont really understand the difference between top and bottom parameters. The Altera datasheet does not really get into this kind of specific detail expect to state that I should use P30/P33 > 40Mhz.  


However, Anybody know if its okay to use bottom parameter flash part for CIII configration?  


Thanks for any help.
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Bah. I had an old handbook and didn't realize a new one was out. The new handbook has a section which shows how the Cyclone III skips the starting addresses ignoring the top bottom parameter issue. So its ok to use either top or bottom parameter flash chips.


the above you mentioned part is also obsolete plz provide any alternate part which support ap configuration.