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Gate Level Simulation for a specific block in the hierarchy



Lets say I have a design with a hierarchy down in the order A->B->C->D, where A is the top level, properly constrained and with proper pin settings.  

What I want to do, is to keep the C as the top level, and to do a gate level simulation of the blocks C to D. The problem I m facing is that  


C as a userlogic block has multiple ports with width = 256. Gate level simulation needs fitter to complete, as it needs timing file. Once keeping C as the toplevel file and if I compile the design, fitter fails and reports that total ports exceeds total available pins. 


Any directions on how to proceed further would be quite helpful. 




Jeebu Jacob Thomas
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you can assign ports of your C block as virtual pins in assignment editor. This way fitter will make ports of your module as a logic elements not physical device pins.
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