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HD Picture Monitor - Basic Video Processing to Drive a Full-HD Panel

This is my first post, so I hope it's appropriate for this forum and of interest (there's a little about me at the end). 


I'm looking for a solution which will allow me to drive a 32" / 1920 x 1080 / 100Hz / 10-bit / LED-backlight LCD panel (with T-Con - timing controller - board). The model number is LC320EUD-SCA1 and it's manufactured by LG Display Co Ltd. I have read and absorbed the 38-page product specification (finalised Feb 2010) and have a good understanding of how it all works. 


What I'm trying to construct around the LCD panel is a "picture monitor" (ie no audio, no tuners) which will be fed a 1080 progressive / 50Hz / YCbCr / 10-bit HDMI input from a Lumagen Radiance video processor. 


The T-Con board accepts 4 channels of LVDS each comprising 5 data lanes and a 74.25MHz clock, so 35 bits of data (30 of them for RGB video data) are delivered for each of four pixels at a time. The T-Con board - I think - dithers the 10-bit data down to 8-bit for the mini-LVDS connections (2 x 60-pin) to the left and right source PCBs buried within the frame of the panel. 


The 50-to-100Hz conversion need not be complicated - inserting alternate black frames is, apparently, beneficial in reducing the sample-and-hold type blurring inherent with LCDs and would suffice. 


I've attached a picture of the T-Con board which is type 6870C-0312C. 



About me... 

I'm a former broadcast engineer (BBC and Channel 4 TV, London), hold a degree in electronics (Imperial College, London) and have some 30 years' experience designing, building, repairing and modifying professional and consumer electronics. 


Thanks for reading my post.
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