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HPS SPI slave

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In my HPS system I have enabled the SPI Slave 0 (SPIS0 is set to FPGA, and Mode is set to Full). 


In my device tree source (in the XML file) I have: 

<DTAppend name="spi@0xffe02000" type="node" parentlabel="sopc0" newlabel="hps_0_spis0"/> <DTAppend name="compatible" type="string" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" val="snps,dw-spi-mmio-15.1" /> <DTAppend name="compatible" type="string" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" val="snps,dw-spi-mmio" action="add" /> <DTAppend name="compatible" type="string" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" val="snps,dw-apb-ssi" action="add" /> <DTAppend name="interrupt-parent" type="phandle" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" val="hps_0_arm_gic_0" /> <DTAppend name="interrupts" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0"> <val type="number">0</val> <val type="number">156</val> <val type="number">4</val> </DTAppend> <DTAppend name="#address-cells" type="number" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" val="1"/> <DTAppend name="#size-cells" type="number" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" val="0"/> <DTAppend name="reg" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" > <val type="hex">0xffe02000</val> <val type="hex">0x1000</val> </DTAppend> <DTAppend name="spi-max-frequency" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" > <val type="number">100000000</val> </DTAppend> <DTAppend name="enable-dma" parentlabel="hps_0_spis0" > <val type="number">1</val> </DTAppend>  

This gets compiled into a device tree blob and loaded onto the system. When it boots, I get the error: 

"Trying to free already-free IRQ 188" (this is 156+32 so is the SPI IRQ number). 

And loading the driver then bombs out. 

If I comment out the interrupt lines then it instead complains about lack of interrupt resource. 


What am I doing wrong? Why can't I get the SPI driver to load? 



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