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How to erase a bitstream from a MAX10 using a microcontroller?

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As a part of my application I need to erase the bitstream (.pof) that is stored in flash memory from an FFPGA (Flash FPGA, e.g. MAX10) using a microcontroller or any other logic. How can I achieve that? I analyzed max10 documentation ( and still didn't find any easy (and fully documented) solution. I was trying to use JTAG In-System Programming and invoke ISC_ERASE command, but it seems not to work properly when "Verify protect" option is set. Is there any easier way to achieve that? 


There is also the solution for another problem: when you can read: 



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To regain access to the JTAG pins, hold either nCONFIG, nSTATUS or CONF_DONE pins low when reprogramming your device. This will prevent internal configuration from being successfully executed. you may then erase the cfm content from the device by holding either one of these pins low throughout the erase process. Once the erase is complete, you will then be able to regain access to the JTAG pins. 

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But the question is: how to perform this erase process and how to verify that no information about bitstream could be extracted from erased memory?
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