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How to generate boardinfo (xml) files?

We are trying to boot Linux kernel (v.3.10 LTSI) on our custom made board around Cyclone V SoC 

For that we required device tree. 

We are referring to the procedure from Rocketboard as follows: 

As mentioned in the procedure we will be needing boardinfo (Board xml and Clocking xml) files for our board. 

Can you please point me to the procedure for creating these files? 

Thank You!
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The boardinfo file is not generated automatically as Quartus won't know what external chips exist on your board. As such, you will need to modify one from the existing example, or use a minimalistic one that you can download from the link below: - also contain more info regarding these xml files.  


(search for "board information") 


If you based your design on an existing board, it'll be helpful to use that board's xml file as a base and modify from there.