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How to migrate to EPCQ64A from EPCS64 with Cyclone III FPGA?


we have a pcb-design using a Cyclone III FPGA (EP3C25F324) with an EPCS64 as configuration device. The design is made with Quartus II / NIOS 2 Rev 9.1

The EPCS64 is already EOL and we still have some newer devices with date code forth quarter of 2018, but this devices can not be programmed. Older EPCS64 are no problem, but now we have no more in stock.

So we thought it could be a solution to migrate the EPCS64IS16 to the actual EPCQ64ASI16N . In general this seems to be possible, at least there is a document to do so. So we thought about getting a new Quartus II License. But now I have seen that the actual Quartus II Rev 18.1 does not support the Cyclone III devices any more. The last Revision of Quartus, that does support Cyclone III devices is Rev 13.1. But this Revision manual says that it does not support EPCQ devices, which is no wonder, since the Quartus II Software is released in 2013, while the EPCQ64A is on the market since 2017.

So how ca we do the migration from EPCS64 to the actual EPCQ764A?





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Hello Oliver, If your design do not contain IP Cores (which interface with the config device), your existing programming files may be compatible with EPCQ-A devices without the need to regenerate the programming files. Refer to Table 3 on page 6 for more details. If you design contain IP core, please refer to Table 1 & Table 2 (on page 5) for the IP core compatibility. I hope this will help. Thanks