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How to open signaltap GUI via tcl console?

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Does anyone know how to open signaltap GUI & run signaltap via tcl console? I tried "quartus_sh -qhelp" in tcl console & point to stp under Tcl API package but I am not really understand the example shown there.  


I tried to creat tcl_script file. 


here is the tcl codes of my tcl_script file: 


open_session -name counter.stp 

run -instance signaltap_counter -signal_set count -data_log log_1 -timeout 60 



When I run "quartus_stp -t tcl_script.tcl" in the tcl console, i got this error "ERROR: Instance, signal set, or trigger does not exist. Make sure the instance, signal set, and trigger exist in the SignalTap II File." 



(1) Can this script use to open signaltap GUI? Actually, I got this script from "quartus_sh -qhelp". Can somebody provide me the simple example script to open signaltap Gui if my script is not possible? 

(2) if my script is working, can somebody help me to solve the above error? 


Sorry for asking the simple question because i am beginner of using tcl. I will appreciate if someone can help me...... 


Thank you...
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I also want to know the answer. Can anyone please help us. Thank you.

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