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How to stream video (and process) into FPGA


I want to take a camera... (IDS camera) and stream video into my FPGA. 

Camera interface will be GigE or USB3 depending on FPS i will decide. 

in the FPGA i would like to do (what i believe is) simple image processing of... lets say frame subtraction i.e. subtract frame k from frame k+1. 


resolution: ideally i would like to work with 640x512 with 300 FPS gray scale 8 bit. 

I know its a lot of data and eventually i will probably downgrade significantly the SPEC but this is the ideal parameters i would like to work with. 


I have a few questions: 

1. Interface: how do stream the frames into the FPGA?  

what component should i look for in order to take the GigE or USB3 output interface of my camera and connect it to my board so i can do something with it? 

2.I assume i will need an external DDR? can you give me some pointers on how to choose what i need and the main principle on how to use it? 

Maybe 2 DDR's and erasing the older frame every a new frame comes along? 

3. can you give me an advice on which FPGA should i choose? i worked mainly with LATTICE so far and want to cross to ALTERA. 

4. any suggestions/ reading material/ comment will be most welcome 


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Does anyone have an idea or suggestion what can i do? 

I cant find that cemra anywhere, without it, this board is pretty useless to me
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FYI, i found the camera. 


I, used the project from DECA to stream the video. 

Now i would like to get into the video handling part. 

I am looking into the project DECA had prepared and i am not really sure why they use the nios there? what is its purpose?
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